The Government of Samoa through “The Samoa Land Corporation” (SLC) approved the construction of the New Flea Market at Sogi (“The Project”). 

Phase 1 started in February this year 2021 including the Preliminary Clearance and Reclamation of 5 acres at Sogi.  SLC was issued with the initial Development Consent (DCA No: 1297/20) upon submission of the Preliminary Environmental Assessment Report (PEAR)-“Form 1 of EIA” as required under the Planning and Urban Management Act 2004 and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations 2007 (“The Act”).

To proceed with Phase 2 and onwards SLC will have to be in conformity with prevailing environmental criteria and regulations specified under “The Act” in order to qualify for the application of subsequent Development Consents to the PUMA Office.  Therefore, the Comprehensive Environmental Assessment Report (CEAR) – “Form 2 of EIA” has to be conducted (“The Work”).

SLC is now inviting Expression of Interest from qualify consultant/(s) to submit Request For Proposal (RFP – Form) for conducting “The Work” “Comprehensive Environmental Assessment Report” for the New Flea Market at Sogi. 

  1. Scope of Works and Expected Deliverables
  • Conduct the Comprehensive Environmental Assessment Report (CEAR) – “Form 2 of EIA” in accordance in full content with the Planning and Urban Management Act 2004 and Planning and Urban Management (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulation 2007.
  • The assessment should explore further the contamination levels at the Vaiusu Bay area including the use of the HECRAS modeling of flood scenarios for the project site to extract specific estimated required by engineers for designing purposes.
  • Must contain an environmental management plan, onsite pollution plan for both construction and operational phases, and a sanitation and waste management plan. These documents would be required for a full application for development consent with PUMA
  • Include any other essential areas that deems necessary and relevant for SLC consideration.
  • The Consultant should be able to attend to presentation, discussions, consultations and any other query by all parties and stakeholders involved including the MWTI.
  • Include the Costing Analysis to arrive to the Total Bid Price.
  1. Qualification Requirements
  • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • At least 5 years of working experience in conducting EIA of similar projects.
  • Specify duration of EIA report and how soon to conduct if successful
  • Any other relevant information deem suitable for this project.
  1. Uplifting of TOR and Supplementary Documentation

Interested parties can uplift hard copies or on request sent with e-copies of the TOR and supplementary documentations (Survey plans, GeoTech Report, Preliminary Environment Assessment Report and Reclamation Drawings) from the SLC main office at Tuanaimato to assist with preparations.  There is a non-refundable administration fee of $200.00. 

  1. Submission of Proposal

All bids should be marked “RFP – Comprehensive Environmental Assessment Report (CEAR) for the New Flea Market at Sogi” and deposited in the designated box at the SLC main office before 4pm on Friday 14th May 2021.  All bids should be addressed:

The General Manager

Samoa Land Corporations


The Submission Proposal should include but not limited to the followings:

  • Standard Proposal Letter – Attachment A
  • Signed Technical Response Form – Attachment B
  • Copies of Qualification Requirements
  1. Late Proposals

SLC shall not consider any proposal that arrives after the deadline for submission of proposals.  All late proposals shall be declared late, rejected and returned to the bidder.

  1. Notification of Award and Signing of Contract:

SLC will notify all parties in writing on the results of the tender process.  The awarding of the contract to the Successful Bidder must only be effective after signing the Contract.

  1. Clarifications or further information

SLC reserves the right to request for clarification or further information from the Bidder.

For further enquiries, please contact the SLC main office at 24881 or email