Savalalo Flea Market. / Maketi i Savalalo.

Services Offered. / Auaunaga o lo’o ofoina atu.
Rental Spaces for. / Avanoa lisi mo pisinisi eseese.

  1. Groceries Shops. / Faleoloa.
  2. Restaurants. / Fale’aiga.
  3. Flea market Stall for. / Flea market mo:
      • Clothing / Lavalava
      • Handicrafts / Meataulima

Vaitele Market. / Maketi i Vaitele.

Ground Floor & First Floor. / Fogafale i lalo & Fogafale i luga.

  1.   Coin Save

  Outside Units: / Fale i fafo atu o le maketi.

  1. Groceries Shops. / Fale oloa.
  2. Resturants / Fale’aiga.
  3. Money Transfer. / Fale mo le lafoina ma le talaina o tupe mai atunuu mamao.
  4. SLC Office
  5. SWA Outlet for water bill payments.
  6. Daily Blocks / Poloka Letumau

Salelologa Market. / Maketi Salelologa.

Services Offered./ Auaunaga o lo’o ofoina atu.
Main Market Building, Ground Floor. / Fogafale i lalo o le Maketi.

  1. Agricultural Products. / Fua o faatoaga.
  2. Handicrafts. / Meatau lima.
  3. Groceries Shops. / Faleoloa.
  4. Photographing Services. / Fale pueata.
  5. Flea markets. / Flea maketi.
  6. SLC Office

First Floor. / Fogafale Lua.

  1. Restaurants / Faleaiga
  2. Business / Pisinisi
  3. Government Agencies

Outside Units. / Fale i fafo o le Maketi.

  1. Groceries Shops./ Faleoloa.
  2. Money Transfer./ Fale e Lafo ma talaina ai tupe mai atunuu mamao.
  3. Beauty Salon./ Fale ‘oti ulu.
  4. Bingo Supplies./ Fale oloa mo mea tau bingo.
  5. Government Agencies.

Fish Market./ Maketi o I’a.

There is also a separate fish market for selling fish and other seafood.
Ua iai le fale faapitoa e faatau ai i’a ma isi meaai mai le sami.

Faleata Golf Course. / Malae Tapolo i Faleata.

  1. 18 holes for 7 days a week
  2. Golf carts.
  3. Locker Rooms and Showers for golfers.


To provide effective and efficient support services conducive to achieving the objectives of SLC.

  • Strengthen Implementation of new accounting system.
  • Strengthen internal controls systems for managing income and expenditures
  • Review budgetary planning, monitoring and reporting process systems
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements


Information Communication Technology is used in various ways at a workplace, and these include, communication within the company, data sharing, data protection, quick decision making, knowledge management and it also simplifies work hence increasing production at work. ICT plays a vital part in the fulfilment of Samoa Land Corporation workplace with the following objectives;


  • Ensure the security of personal, privileged, or otherwise sensitive data and resources that may be processed in any manner by the Samoa Land Corporation.
  • Provide uninterrupted network resources to SLC users.
  • Ensure proper usage of networked information, programs and facilities offered by SLC networks.
  • Secure email from unauthorized access.
  • Protect the confidentiality and integrity of data and programs from unauthorized users and access.