Team Leader- Tanuvasa Sydney Iupati – Land Development Professional leading a staff of 7.


  • Plan for sustainable divestment of the Corporation’s lands (either by way of lease or land sale);
  • Undertake due diligence checks on applications for interests in lands
  • Monitoring occupation and utilization of lands in accordance with contractual obligations/covenants.
  • Recommend best practices to the Management and Board for sustainable use of lands
  • Mediate and resolve client issues and grievances with land matters
  • Establishment and monitoring internal control mechanisms for the effective and efficient management of land holdings
  • Ensure timely collection of land charges and instituting recovery mechanisms for follow up of arrears portfolio
  • Maintain and update an accurate register of estates of the Corporation
  • Institute regular reviews on employment of leases & land sales agreements
  • Conduct regular inspection and compliance reporting for Management and Board
  • Facilitate consultations with relevant stakeholders on matters affecting the Corporation’s property interests (Alii and Faipule, individual clients, business community)
  • Plan land developmental projects and coordinate budget reserves


Team Leader- Safiu Fenika Oloapu – Qualified Surveyor leading a staff of 6

 Responsibilities for which the Surveying Team is tasked with, includes but not limited to:

  • Cadastral survey of the Corporation’s  lands for subdivisions, and redefinition purposes
  • Planning for the creation of access and drainage easements on survey plans
  • Confirmation property boundaries of land for  infrastructural works  (Road reserves etc)
  • Work in partnership with Estates Team in updating an accurate count of the Land Reconciliation
  • Identification of Court Grants & Lands on the Register
  • Resolve surveying requisitions & grievances lodged with boundaries
  • Working closely with the Estates Team in ensuring efficiency of land allocation and planning
  • Collecting and maintaining survey data and plans
  • Ensuring survey deliverables and work plans are met and adheres with recognized international practices and standards.
  • Maintaining good surveying ethics in accordance with Code of Conduct and legislative instruments (Survey Act 2010, Spatial Information Agency Act 2010 & Survey Regulation 2011.)

The Survey Team can avail its services to subdivide parcels of lands upon request by clients or members of the public. The applied fee is dependent on size of block and location and shall follow the guide set out in the Land Policy under SCHEDULE LS-FEE.


i) Redefinition Surveys

  • ¼ acre – $300.00 (outsiders)
  • ¼ “   –           $250.00 (SLC client)
  • ½ “   –           $350.00
  • 3 x ¼ acres $450.00
  • 1 acre –           $500.00
  • 1-4 acres –           $500.00 + $100.00/acre for any additional acre(s)
  • 5 acres –           $800.00
  • 5-9 acres –           $800.00 + $100.00/acre for any additional acre(s)
  • 10 acres –           $1,200.00
  • 10-40 acres $1,200.00 + $100.00/acre for any additional acre(s)
  • 50 acres –           $3,500.00

ii) Sub-division Survey

  • 1 acre –           $1,500.00
  • Additional acre(s) –           $500.00